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TRUE Transition paths to sustainable legume based systems in Europe

The project “TRansition paths to sUstainable legume based systems in Europe” (TRUE) is a balanced practice-research partnership of 24 institutions, which aims to identify the best routes, or “transition paths” to increase sustainable legume cultivation and consumption across Europe.This H2020 funded project focused on Europe and has extended IFAU’s international network in particularly Canada and Africa, and to European research institutes and businesses in the legumes-sector. IFAU carried out market analyses (food, feed and food ingredients), consumer focus groups and, research about food service in the public and private sectors. Market studies are available from the project website or contact IFAU for more information
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RUBIZMO Replicable business models for modern rural economies

The EU funded project has analyzed new business models within food, biobased value chains and ecosystem services. On the project website you find a Virtual Library with innovative business cases, tools to support entrepreneurship in rural areas, and access to reports and studies about rural development and for promoting rural entrepreneurship. IFAU has contributed to territorial studies, business environments and, Danish networks and business cases. IFAU co-developed a novel dissemination tool: Summer school for multipliers. Contact IFAU for more information.
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DIGITALISATION is at the center stage in agri-food chains and food processing

IFAU has carried out a study about new professions, career paths and how to deliver high-level food industry skills. The study digs deeper into how digitalization impacts on the food production environment and the requirements for skills. The study was elaborated for EFFAT and Food Drink Europe
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This EU funded Innovation Action develops innovative and sustainable solutions for aquaculture production and seafood processing in the EU to obtain a more resilient sector. The project deals with salmon, seabass, seabream, oysters, mussels, microalgae and more species. IFAU is responsible for social and health impact assessment, and contributes to market studies.
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This project targets sustainable public procurement and public meals in the Baltic Sea Region and has received funding from the Interreg Baltic Sea Region. The project has researched sustainability aspects of the public meal. Furthermore, the project has organized pilots to test innovative practices in public procurement and for providing meals in the public sector. Link til StratKIT. One outcome is an international network of procurers and catering managers across the Baltic Sea. The project has developed a toolkit to support change in practices of public procurement and in the provision of meals to achieve more sustainable approaches. IFAU was one of the driving forces in the development of the toolkit. You find the toolkit here: Toolkit


GO-GRASS is an Innovation Action funded by the EU and targeted at positioning grass a novel and sustainable resource for biobased processing. Four demonstration plants are organized to showcase new technologies and new products, hereof one in Denmark. New value chains are developed. The grass processing systems are intended for replication in more locations across the EU. IFAU is responsible for analysis of value chains and markets and, for supporting business analysis.
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FRACTION is a project funded under BBI-JU. The project centers round developing new and more sustainable chemical processes to produce chemical building blocks in order to better valorize lignin and hemicellulose. The improved processes would enable a better use of biomasses from various plants and recycling of cardboard. It is expected that the project leads to cellulose of a higher purity, more sustainable construction materials, food ingredients, and new building blocks for the biobased industry. IFAU is responsible for market studies and exploitation work.
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THE BIOECONOMY is expected to continue its development, leading to an increased demand for biomasses, novel solutions for processing and marketing, and new opportunities for career paths. IFAU has contributed to a study about workers’ opportunities and challenges in the bioeconomy.
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OrganoFinery – græsprotein til økologiske høns

Projektet udvikler en ny platform for økologisk vækst gennem et koncept for bioraffinering af grøntafgrøder til proteinfoder, gødning og energi.
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SuperGrassPork – raffinering af græsprotein til økologisk svinefoder

Projektet skal udvikle et system til produktion af økologiske grise, hvor en stor del af proteinfoderet kommer fra lokalt produceret kløvergræs.
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Mikroalger til fiskefoder – FIMAFY

FIMAFY The GUDP funded project is about development of filtering technologies and high-quality feed for fish fry. MICROALGAE could be a novel source of EPA/DHA and important for a more sustainable production of fish feed. IFAU has elaborated a market study about the potential for microalgae in salmon feed
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