IFAU rapporter

The dynamics of the international supply chain for microalgae targeting the fish feed industry

In FIMAFY project, GUDP funded, ongoing

Mapping the storage capacities in the EU grains and oilseed sector – case studies about Denmark and Sweden

2017. Subcontract to DG Agri Evaluation

New types of equipment and new technologies for food processing – where is the business case?

2017. Presentation for Network of food equipment manufacturers in Denmark

Introducing peas and faba bean flours and flour mixes into the Danish and German markets

2016, October. Subcontract to the ProBio H2020project

Reaching B2B customers with a selection of healthy bread in Denmark and Germany. Recommendations for market entry strategies

2016, October. Subcontract to the ProBio H2020project

Commercial Opportunities in organic Grass Protein as Feed for Organic Layers

2016, May. Presentation at the OrganoFinery workshop

The chain of “Landmad” shops – Analysis of the Implications for Growth and Development by its Suppliers

2016. For Regional Government of Central Jutland, Denmark

The market for protein enriched soup in Denmark, Sweden, Germany and France

2015. For Danish company

The role of the food ingredients industry for a sustainable and resource efficient food processing industry

2015. For Ingrediensforum, (Confederation of Danish Food Industry)

Monitoring the implementation of good trading practices in the food supply chain – Case study about the implementation a national platform for the Supply Chain Initiative in Finland

2015. Subcontract for Areté, commissioned by DG Enterprise

Evaluating the consequences of imports on a local value chain – the case of Danish pig meat to the Australian market

2015. Prepared in collaboration with Prof. Garry Griffith and Dr. Stuart Mounter, University of Melbourne and University of New England, Australia

Opportunities for Danish producers of organic food in the German private label market

2015. For Bio aus Dänemark

Innovation in artisanal ice cream – a trend study

2015. For Danish company

Competitiveness of the Danish and Dutch pork production

2015. For Federation of Danish Food Industry Workers

Evaluation of four Danish food networks and impact on rural development policies

2014. For Danish Regional Government

The future need for competences in the Danish red meat industry

2014. For Danish Pig Levy Foundation, and in collaboration with Danish Meat Trade College

Evaluation of the sweets tax in Finland – case study completed for an evaluation of the food tax schemes in the EU. 2014

Food technology in Denmark – Core competences and innovative technologies

2014. Prepared for Confederation of Danish Industries

A toolbox for improving food sector networks’ performance

2014. Prepared in the Netgrow project, FP7 project

Electronic tools for improving food production in institutions – a stakeholder analysis

2014. Prepared for a Danish consortium

Opportunities in the South African poultry industry from farm to fork

2013. Prepared for a group of Danish companies

The global market for infant formula

2013. Prepared for a Danish company

The Danish Food Ingredients Industry – Growth, innovation and companies

2013. Prepared for Ingrediensforum (Conferederation of Danish Food Industry)

How to export organic food to Germany, Netherlands and Belgium

2012. A capacity building project conducted for Danish producers (SMEs) of organic food

World class food production – Debate about Danish food industry production

2012. For Danish Food Industry Workers’ Association

Food sector networks in Canada and New Zealand – Benefits and barriers to innovation

2012. Presentation for the WiCaNem conference, Wageningen (Based on research conducted in the Netgrow FP7 project)

Innovative products and future value chains – how to develop the global blackcurrant industry targeting food and nod-food opportunities

2012. Presentation for IBA conference, Dundee

Trends in the global grains industry – major drivers and opportunities for improved quality assurance

2012. Presentation for the International Grain Network, Scotland

Applicable tool and data gathering template for network performance measurement

2012. Prepared in the Netgrow project, FP7 project

Innovation trends in the European dairy industry – health, convenience and beauty foods

2012. Presentation prepared for the University of Copenhagen

Trends in the German food service market – market opportunities for Danish exporters

2012. Prepared for a group of food processing companies

Networks in the Danish food sector. Profiles, innovation and SMEs

2011. Prepared in the Netgrow project, FP7 project

The German market for organic sweets, chocolate and soft drinks

2011. Prepared for a group of Danish SMEs

Investigating the global market potential for a new biotechnology for enhancing food safety of poultry products

2011. Prepared for an international research consortium

How to reduce the risk of food allergens in the food service market

2011. Training material prepared in collaboration with the Danish Federation for Allergy and Asthma, Technical University and the Hotel and Restaurant Education Centre, Copenhagen

Food sector networks in New Zealand, Brazil, USA and Canada – Research on best practices, innovation and knowledge transfer

2011. Prepared in the Netgrow project, FP7 project

Network Performance Indicators

2011. Prepared in collaboration with University of Gent and Teagasc (Ireland). Prepared in the Netgrow project, FP7 project

Identification and definition of the innovative technologies in the areas of food production, ingredients, processing and packaging, that may impact EFSA’s work in the medium and long term

2010. Prepared for EFSA in collaboration with IBF International Consulting

Building competences in small-scale producers of dairy products – Strategies for market entries for products made of goat milk. Report and coaching seminar

2010. Prepared for a network of Danish SMEs

Identification of meat processing companies in Argentina

2010. Prepared for a company

Food certification schemes in Denmark, Finland, Sweden, the Netherlands and Belgium

2010. Udarbejdet til DG Agriculture

The European market for a novel feed ingredient for cattle production

2010. Prepared in a Danish research project

The global market for natural flavours – where is the South American market heading

2010. Prepared for a company

Outlining a global marketing strategy for blackcurrants

2010. Presentation for the International Network of Blackcurrant growers and processors IBA. France

The Danish Quick Service Food Market

2009. Prepared for a group of companies

Strategies for entering the food service market in Hamburg

2009. Analysis for the SME network Bio Aus Dänemark

The European red meat industry – Present state and factors shaping the future

2010 (70 sider). Rapport udarbejdet for European Federation of Agriculture, Food industry and Tourism Workers Federation EFFAT.

Markedet for økologiske produkter i Danmark – Sortiment og nye muligheder

2010 (75 sider). Rapport udarbejdet for projekt Økolab.

Gedeost og gedeis – Strategier for afsætning og markedsudvikling

2010 (65 sider). Rapport udarbejdet som led i Innovationsprojekt med støtte fra Direktoratet for Fødevareerhverv.

Etablering af produktionsanlæg i Tyskland – Investering, finansiering og arbejdspladser.

(2010) Det danske marked for Quick Service Food – Nøgletal, forbrugsmønster og tendenser.

2009. Sammendrag kan rekvireres fra IFAU.

Markedet for mælkeerstatning og colostrumerstatning.

2009 (60 sider) Rapport udarbejdet som led i et Innovationsprojekt

Food service i Hamborg – Potentialet for danske økologiske produkter

2009 (60 sider). Rapport udarbejdet med støtte fra Direktoratet for Fødevareerhverv

Analyse af den tyske svineslagterisektor – Priser, omkostninger og konkurrencekraft

2009 (125 sider). Rapport udarbejdet for Fødevareforbundet NNF.

Food service i Norden og Baltikum.

2009 (markedsrapport for hvert land, projekt er delvis gennemført på engelsk).

Sammendrag af projektet kan rekvireres ved henvendelse til Instituttet.

Fødevareteknologi i Danmark – dansk teknologi i globalt perspektiv

2008 (120 sider). Rapport udarbejdet med støtte fra Karl Pedersen og Hustrus Industrifond.

Rapporten kan rekvireres fra IFAU.

Markedet for solbærdrikke med sundhedsgavnlige egenskaber

2008 (80 sider). Udarbejdet i samarbejde med Danmarks Jordbrugsforskning (Forskningscenter Årslev) som led i Innovationsprojekt

Emerging Technologies and Investors’ Interests (ENFFI)

2008 (40 sider), udarbejdet af Karen Hamann i samarbejde med Brabo Ventures

Rapporten kan rekvireres fra IFAU.

Food sector specificities relevant for innovation, company growth  and access to financing. (ENFFI)

2007 (85 sider), udarbejdet af Karen Hamann

Rapporten kan rekvireres fra IFAU.

For rapporter tidligere end 2007: Kontakt IFAU.

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